Shipping Services (Nationwide and international)

Nationwide shipping occurs when goods or documents are sent from A to B within the borders of the country. Often these services are speedy, and sometimes same-day delivery is possible from some suppliers. Two-days and three-days delivery choices are common.

International Shipping refers to the parcel delivery or parcel delivery group where the parcel is received in one country and delivered to an address in another country.

Many online sellers offer international deliveries to attract audiences that cross the borders of the country in which they are selling. Due to the number of resources needed to move a package from one country to another, international shipments are usually somewhat more expensive than domestic ones.

Shipping Supplies 

For customers connected to Postbox and Shipping, we offer free Shipping consumables such as packaging, labels, and bags. You can also purchase additional packing materials from us from our customer service centers.

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